After a highly scientific research project* our skilled technicians have identified extremely desirable Mother’s Day gifts targeted to a wide range of moms, grandmoms, almost moms and “I wish you were my” moms. With price points starting at only $2.99 there’s something for every shopper, and a treat perfect for every mother. Just add a handwritten note and a macaroni necklace.

*actually we asked the moms who work here but we wore lab coats while we interviewed them

You’ve reached the end of the gift guide, have you found the perfect present or are you still searching?
What about a Leon & Lulu gift card?

Gift Cards available from $1 to $1 Billion.

Gift cards can be purchased over the phone to make shopping for mom even easier. If you love one of the cards shown in the top of our gift guide we can fill it out for you and mail the card & gift card right to your mom. One phone call and your Mother’s Day shopping will be complete.
Give us a call at (248) 288-3600.