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These are the authors expected to attend the Fall 2018 event.

Lynn Arbor
“A Bird in the House”, “International”

Dora Badger
“When You’ve Been Bad”

Angela Berent
“List Your Life” A Modern-Day Memoir”

Mary Bisciaio

“Miss Not So Fine”, “Danny’s Sister”, “Cue Stick”, “A Grip On His Heart”

Madyson Blair
“The Weather Inside Book I”, “The Weather Inside Book II”

Clay Boura
“Leave it to Beamer Presents: Don’t Let the Cat Out of the Bag”, “Leave it to Beamer Presents: The Elephant in the Room”, “Leave it to Beamer Presents: The Proof is in the Pudding”, “Leave it to Beamer Presents: Fun with Idioms”,

Catherine Brakefield
“Swept Into Destiny”, “Destiny’s Whirlwind”, “Wilted Dandelions”, “A Destiny of Heart”

Peggy Christie
“The Vessel”, “A Fistful of Deadfolk”, “Hell Hath No Fury”

Linda Colwell
“Cry of the Brethren”

Amy Eckert
“100 Things to Do in Detroit Before You Die”, “Easy Detroit Outdoors”

Jean Alicia Elster
“The Colored Car”, “Who’s Jim Hines”

Ryan Ennis
“The Unexpected Tales of Lust, Love & Longing”, “The Thursday Surprise: A Story about Kids and Autism”, “The September Surprise: A Story about Kids and Autism”

Chad Erway
“An Appointment with Fear”

Diane Eurich Tracey
“Just Call Me Victor”, “Look Out for Virgil”, “Sensational Sidney the Circus Horse”, “The Tale of a School-Dazed Duck”

R.L. Herron
“Dead End Street”, “Zebulon”, “One Way Street”, “Street Light”, “Reichold Street”, “Tinker”, “Blood Lake”

Linda Jarkey
“Sadie Sees Trouble”

Amy Johnson
“Letters Lost Then Found”

Elisa Koopmans
“Perceived Threat”

Megan Koreman
“The Escape Line”

Kate McNeil
“Thistles”, “Pistils”, “Sub Rosa”

Ian Moore
“Tamaishi”, “Zōsan”

Melodie Nichols
“Marigold Terrace”

Colleen Nye
“The Long Summer”, “The Pull”, “Letters to Cora”

Cheryl Phillips
“GG’s Journey: From Lost to Loved”

Rosemary Schimmel
“The Way to Be from A to Z”

Jeffrey Schoenherr
“Lillie Saves the Day”, “Lillies Big Parade”, “Lillie and Hamlet Meet Their Special Friends”, “Little and Hamlet and the Baby in the Tree”, “Hamlet Goes to School”

Michael Schultz
“The Vela Project”

Ky’la Sims
“Duck’s First Day of School”, “Laws of Passion”

Joe Spraga
“The Snitch, The Witch, and The One Who Was Rich”

Wendy Thomson
“Summon the Tiger”

Scott Bosek
“The Alligator Man”, “The Cemetery”, “Freighthoppin”

Jayne Vallee
“Dinosaurs Living in My Hair”, “Dinosaurs Living in My Hair Book 2”

Carl Virgilio
“Cooper St.”, “Holocaust”, “A Very Good Day and Simply A Ball”

Shelley Vitale
“Timed Release”, “Timed Restraint”

Joan Dee Wilson
“Kessy Ventures”, “Snowy Lodin”, “The Blue Footies”

Mark Beyer
“Hired Man”

Michael Cieslak

“Hidden Menagerie Vol. 1”, “Hidden Menagerie Vol. 2”, “Desolation: 21 Tales for Tails”, “Eldritch Embraces: Putting the Love Back in Lovecraft”

Siete16 Guevara
“Mi Familia y Mi Vida Loca = My Inspiration”, “Año Dos Mil”, “Where is El Sexto Sol”

Don Haffner
Mukho Memories: A Peace Corps/Korea Memoir”

Dawn Jamison
“Reckoning Day: #Me Too Stories That Inspire You”, “The 8 Mistakes Women Make”

Edward Olson
“My Math Monster”, “Oliver the Toaster”

Gerald Rice
“Dead ’til Dawn”, “The Zombie Show”, “The Ghost Toucher”

Charles Stern
“Finder in Hell World: A Love Story”, “Juxtaposition Paradox”, “A Rooster’s Tale”

Jennifer Miracle-Best

Susan Stapleton
“SO WHAT! There’s Always Today”

Tom Daldin, Jim Edelman
“Under the Radar: The First 50”, “Under the Radar: The Next 50”