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At our seasonal farmer’s market event on November 11, about twenty small-batch artisanal food vendors collaborated for your tasting pleasure. All made in the mitten, all here at Leon & Lulu. Take a bite out of local cuisine.


The vendors below are expected to be in attendance on November 11.

Cinnful Snacks LLC

Cinnful Crunch is a delightful graham cracker, cinnamon based snack that is great straight from the pouch or as a topping for yogurt, oatmeal, ice cream and so much more!  It comes in two sizes and a variety of flavors, including new peanut butter crunch.

Country Home Creations

An award-winning line of dry mixes for delicious dips, cheesecakes, soups, breads, pickles, and much more.

Nonno’s Peanut Brittle

Small batch brittle offered in 6 flavors: Classic, Cashew, Pretzel, Spicy, Pumpkin Spice and Bacon.

Dancy’s Fancy Butter

Flavor-enhanced butter.

Motown Soup

Soup and bakery mixes made by volunteers in a licensed kitchen. All profits go to help the homeless, hungry and hurting.

Thyme & A Bottle

Herbal vinegars, pickles & picked veggies.

The Blu Kitchen

Hand crafted, small batch marshmallows in a variety of flavors as well as hot chocolate mix.

Dave’s Sweet Tooth

We keep it simple. Fancy is too complicated. Real butter, real sugar, real milk chocolate, and hand sliced almonds prepared with love, one batch at a time, every time. Consistency is the key to our recipe. We don’t stockpile our ingredients. We purchase them according to order size to ensure freshness and maintain taste integrity. We have never had an unsatisfied customer, and we refuse to skip the small steps in order to keep it that way. Maybe a bit old fashioned, but we do not use machines, microwaves, or assembly lines to produce our toffee. Dave’s Sweet Tooth is and always will be; Hand Made. Homemade. Michigan Made.


HELL FIRE DETROIT creates the purest hot sauce for anyone seeking a spicy food experience.  

Haute Chocolat

Individual Paleo or traditional pot du creme au chocolat in 4-6 flavor varieties.


GingeRx is an organic ginger shot crafted to ignite your soul. We squeeze fresh oranges and lemon with a blend of ginger root and cayenne pepper. The result is a sweet and tangy shot with a little kick that will awaken your senses to keep your mind and body strong. Conquer From Within!

Angel Print Fudge Bitz

Originally formed in December of 2008, our fudge is hand-made in per order in individual small batches. We craft each batch with homemade butter as well as homemade vanilla. This ensures the creamy texture Fudge Bitz have become well known for. Each Fudge Bitz is Angel Approved with an edible gold dust print as well as packaged in a destinctive gold cup.