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Spring Artists Market 2018 Participants

Marc Garrison

Marc Garrison was born in Detroit , Michigan. He has a fine art degree from Wayne State University with concentration in painting and printmaking. Garrison is passionate about monotype painting techniques which involve painting with various inks on plexiglass. He also work in collage. My paintings are contemporary colorful abstract creations. I work both on paper and wooden support.

Earthenwood Studio

Earthenwood Studio’s Melanie Brooks creates quirky doodles and illustrations on paper and on ceramic wares from her Metro Detroit home studio. Creepy cute skulls, robots, monsters, and other silly critters dance around her artworks, shouting out sassy quotes, random geekery, and witty word.


We use reclaimed wood in a variety of styles. We work with prints of historic maps mounted on barn wood, reclaimed and new wood. Styles are rustic, cottage, and urban. We specialize in find map of the late 1880’s that mean something to our clients. It could be where they live, grew up or just one of their favorite places. A custom order takes between 2 to 3 weeks to complete an deliver.

Amalie Peters Designs

I started making jewelry after I had major spinal surgery in January 2014. My sister joined me and we named our company after our grandmothers. We only use quality materials and each piece is unique! I love making new things and being creative. We make one of a kind jewelry, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Using only quality materials like gemstones, glass and stone beads, leather and metal chains. Each piece is handmade with love!

Natural Red

I started feeling mommy-guilt because of the chemicals in our everyday products. I decided to research, experiment and create products for my family that I knew were safe and effective. After my divorce, I was a single mom with 5 kids 10 and under. I took the products I made and created Natural Red.

Espacia Fotiu

Draws inspiration from philosophy and the most teasing aspects of the human experience itself. She is driven to achieve and protect authenticity. Her artwork and herself grow side by side, each reflecting the beauty of impermanence, curiosity, and potential within us all.

Sherry Edwards

Unparalleled45, llc designs and creates custom knits for the home, celebrating Northern Michigan’s iconic Leelanau Peninsula. We have a number of popular items in our inventory or we can create a custom one of a kind design just for you. Are you the creative type? We also sell knitting patterns of several of our designs.

Mary Rousseaux

Rousseaux is an artist fluent in different visual medias – painting, sculpture, the artist book and photography, but remains primarily a painter. Her fluency and versatility has allowed her to expand the language of painting. She has been at the forefront of creating work that pushes the imagination.

Elaine Redmond Photography

Elaine Redmond, photographer from Beverly Hills, MI captured over a thousand images of the antique wax busts and sculptural modern figures. She shot in the showrooms, the spray room and the dark back storage areas. With her selective eye and favorite zoom lens, Elaine often crops in to just a small portion of face and body.

Neon Vagabond Goods

Erin has a passion for quirky, funky, nature-inspired jewelry.  She loves to work with materials like wood, agate, amethyst and lava and tries to use salvaged or vintage materials whenever she can.

Vic Lupu

Vic is a self taught welded steel sculptor. Romanian born and raised in the former Yugoslavia. He chose steel as his medium, or perhaps it chose him, because he understand its special qualities. To Vic steel is hiding secrets and I try to discover its potential form. Welded steel colored by flame. Unique way of coloring by flame allows different colors in each piece depending on the background and lighting. Each piece is made entirely by hand and is unique and formed by the bond between the materials and experience.

Eve Hyde

happy knits for happy humans

Twisted and Wired

Joanne Huspek has taken an unstoppable urge to create jewelry out of wire, making one of a kind wearable art. Most of the work is done with cold connections, as she is deathly afraid of the torch. Leading to her amazing wire-wrapped rings, bracelets, pendants, and vessels, using copper, silver, and natural gemstones.

Nicole Fleming

Owner, Nicole Fleming is a passionate Horticulturist and holds a degree in Landscape Horticulture. She has designed a variety of customized seed kits that help people get in touch with their grassroots of yesterday but with a modernized twist of growing today! Making gardening Easy!

Laura Cavanagh

My artwork is a practice for me to be in the present moment. Rather than serve purely as a composed visual piece, it offers me a way to move through what I’m feeling in that space and time. As someone who is continually finding herself overwhelmed by the abundance of sensory distractions in this 21st Century society, I use drawing as a way to remove myself from that noise. In much the same way my yoga practice allows me to breathe and be present, so too does my artwork, and the exploration of my drawing instrument across the surface of the paper.

Suzana Bosnjakovski

A local henna artist, Suzanna has taken her love in a different direction.  She creates beautiful pieces of art using natural henna and acrylic paints on canvas and tambourines.  Each piece is unique and all designs are drawn freehand and without stencils.

Organic Glasswerx

Glass artist, Paul Rene Belleau, studies under the glass blowing masters at Detroit”s renowned College for Creative Studies. Inspired and driven by the colors and shapes in nature and driven by the innate beauty of the medium, Paul takes his ideas and inspiration from the world’s chaotic surroundings to create contemporary, yet one-of-a-kind glass artworks.

Carat Gardener

Cheryl Johnson has been a jeweler for over 30 years and has taught classes in jewelry making. She hand makes her jewelry out of silver, gold, and natural stones and also makes woven bracelets and necklaces through a technique called Viking knitting.

Debbie Liberman

A founding member of a non-profit community pottery guild called Village Potters, Debbie Liberman creates a variety of pottery pieces.  Hand-crafted turtles and frogs, trays for reading glasses, as well as serving pieces and many other unique items.

Golden Raven Studio

Golden Raven Studio specializes in original pieces of wearable art that are meant to be lived in. Our canvas is high quality silk, and our medium is heat-set acid dye. The colors are chosen as a reflection of the artist’s experience. Some palettes reflect flowers, reflections on water, concerts, and even space nebulas! Each piece is unique, and can never be exactly duplicated. We use only the best materials, and our finished pieces that feel as good as they look. Best of all, all of our silks require minimal care and are perfect for your busy lifestyle.

WireDesigns Jewelry

Wire Designs Jewelry is the creation of Jan Vettraino, an interior designer from West Bloomfield, Michigan. She uses an Old World technique in a modern way to create crocheted wire jewelry adorned with new and recycled beads and embellishments from vintage jewelry. Dream, Gratitude and Prayer Jars were added to the line in the fall of 2010. The jars are re-purposed vintage silver plated containers that are embellished with vintage rhinestone jewelry.

Wood Crafts By Ronald

Retired engineer turned wood worker, creating exotic wood bowls, vases and bottle openers.

Mary Taros

Mary has over 30 years of artistic experience. She creates animals, whimsical characters and life-size papier-mâché figures painted with acrylics. Her fun, colorful sculptures are hand built and uniquely hand painted in her studio. She has exhibited her work in galleries and local art shows. Whimsical papier-mâché figures and animals painted with acrylics. The fun and colorful sculptures are hand built and uniquely hand painted.

Kris Jezak

i am happy to be sharing my love of creating with all of you….i am the youngest child of a beautiful family of 8 children. my father was a graphic designer and artist and my grandmother was a fine artist…so art  has always been a part of me…..i struggled, like many of us, trying to figure out what i want to be when i grow  up….well guess what?….i have finally decided….after the untimely death of my brother,  i found great comfort in painting…..realizing life is too short……i needed to follow my dream…..hope you will all come along with me on my journey into my creative  world….xoxo

Cass Community Social Services

Cass began creating jobs for people with significant barriers to employment during the recession of 2007. When you shop with Green Industries, you are helping to provide work for adults who have developmental disabilities, mental illnesses, physical restrictions or who have formerly experienced homelessness, war, or prison.  What’s more, items produced at Green Industries are good for the environment. All of the products re-purpose or recycle material that would otherwise end up in a landfill, the city incinerator or remain part of the garbage and blight on vacant lots in Detroit.  Green Industries products include mud-mats, Detroit Treads (both made from recycled tires), recycled glass coasters, and Old English D key-chains.

Flexx Design 

Marsha Chamberlin’s spent most of my career as President/CEO of the Ann Arbor Art Center. Her work is made with rubber tubing as the connect–black, grey and colors. Using contemporary metal beads and occasionally hand blown glass beads to create one of a kind pieces. Working in themes but rarely are the pieces exactly alike. A self-taught artist who has worked in clay and now, jewelry. Marsha loves working with pattern and texture and with modern elements and design.

Erika Berghagen

Erika has been painting her unique take on whatever catches her fancy for years, pretty much undiscovered until about 6 years ago.  She loves brilliant color and one can always find at least one sunset in her displayed paintings.  She also has a vivid imagination and paints what she refers to as critters.  She lives with her two labs, jointly called The blondes, and a black cat named pepperoni.