Take a look at some of the photos from our 2017 Spring Books & Authors event.


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    1. Hello Karen, thank you for your note. Please take a look at our Books & Authors main page to view the books and respective authors who attended the event last October.

    2. How to Talk to Your Teenager about Sex – James Windell
      Floyd B’s Pond – Mary Grant
      Mountain Girls – Stephanie Kadel Taras
      Bending Water And Stories Nearby – Pete Wurdock
      Big Beaver Road – Michael Ripinski
      Writting Home – Cindy La Ferle
      Being Brave For Bailey – Corey Gut
      Wishes For Baby – Daniel Griffin
      The Writting Lives Of Children – Dan Madigan
      24thFullCover – Monica R. Sholar
      Dream Girl – S.J. Lomas
      I’m Tired Of Being Ordinary, Are You – WM. Allen
      The Animals Great Football Game – Jeff London
      Ridgewriters anthology – Lori Goff
      Finding Cadence – Joanne Huspek
      Professor Tuesdays Awesome Adventures in History, Book 3, The Underground Railroad – Jeffery Schatzer
      Really, God Bangladesh – Vicki Augustiniak
      The Colored Car – Jean Elster
      Marsha – Robert McGowan
      Angel – Laura Lee
      I feel Like The Weather – Catherine Connelly
      Rainbow Sprinkle-Slime – Emily Zelasko
      Ernie’s Special Summer Day – Wendy Shpherd
      Danser – Greg Jolley
      Thunder-Bommer – Shutta Crum
      Dear Friend – Hldred Corbett
      Mick Morris Myth Solver #’s 1-6, Ghost Board Posse #’s 1 & 2, Sketch the Myths Sketchbook, The Chillart Sketchbook – Karen Bell-Brege
      Warm and Wonderful Stepmothers of Famous People – Sherry A Wells
      The Good Eggs In the Community – S. Ciara Mitaro
      Pistils – Kate McNeil
      Robby’s Big Flying Adventure – Adele Paxton
      Holly Wild Bamboozled on Beaver Island – Lori Taylor
      The Visitor’s Choice A Search to Make Things Right – Alexander Davidson
      Murder In Greektown – Tony Aued
      Civic Center Corpse – Christian Belz
      Forevermore-Guided in Spirit By Edgar Allan Poe – Kristy Robinett
      Echos Of Paradise – Deanna Kahler
      Prince of Cwillan – Cathy Gangwer
      Love And Other B-Sides – Lisa Peers
      Gray Beaujolais – Caterina Zucker
      The Wheel Of Pain – Lillian Collins
      The Adventures Of Joe-Joe Nut And Biscuit Bill Case #2: Mineral Mischief – Renee Hand
      Welcome to my paranormal life – exie susanne smith
      From Pain To Parenthood – Deanna Kahler

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