Art by Darleen

I like doing many different types of art from realistic animals, places and people, to colorful abstracts and expressionistic paintings.  I also like using different medium such as pastels, acrylics, and oils as it keeps my art fresh,  me interested, and constantly learning.

Baby Knits

Baby Knits are created by Elaine Redmond of Beverly Hills, MI featuring hand knit flower hats for both children and adults as well as felt flower pins.

Brightly Twisted

at our core, we are born artists — operating under the belief that the only way to do good work is by working at that which sets your soul on fire. living our passion through a medium as vibrant and compelling as the human experience itself, brightlytwisted breathes into the space where art and style blend: the convergence of creativity in both raw and rational form. as artists, we aim to evoke wonder through engaging the wisdom of timeless hand-dyeing techniques in a modern context, inevitably bringing each brightlytwisted original to a new level of [uncommonly pretty]

Carat Gardener

Cheryl Johnson has been a jeweler for over 30 years and has taught classes in jewelry making. She hand makes her jewelry out of silver, gold, and natural stones and also makes woven bracelets and necklaces through a technique called Viking knitting.

EH Knits

Happy knits for happy humans.

Golden Raven Studio

Golden Raven Studio specializes in original pieces of wearable art that are meant to be lived in. Our canvas is high quality silk, and our medium is heat-set acid dye. The colors are chosen as a reflection of the artist’s experience. Some palettes reflect flowers, reflections on water, concerts, and even space nebulas! Each piece is unique, and can never be exactly duplicated. We use only the best materials, and our finished pieces that feel as good as they look. Best of all, all of our silks require minimal care and are perfect for your busy lifestyle.


Lisa Grix started creating Grixdolls in 2005 as a need to use the materials she had been collecting over the years. The story behind them is based on positive thought and good energy; each one is unique and comes with a story

Kris Jezak

hello, my name is kris jezak. i am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, friend and artist….i am happy to be sharing my love of creating with all of you….i am the youngest child of a beautiful family of 8 children. my father was a graphic designer and artist and my grandmother was a fine artist…so art  has always been a part of me…..i struggled, like many of us, trying to figure out what i want to be when i grow  up….well guess what?….i have finally decided….after the untimely death of my brother,  i found great comfort in painting…..realizing life is too short……i needed to follow my dream…..hope you will all come along with me on my journey into my creative  world….xoxo

Long White Beard, Ltd.

Hi! Long White Beard is a small workshop in Fabulous Ferndale, MI that specializes in handmade tables, lamps, and other home goods. Daniel Erickson & Shelby Holtzman started out making furniture in the Industrial style and since then have introduced walnut, maple, and cherry items, as well as hand-wired lamps and custom shelves.

Make It Memories

Our company is a family owned business since 1982. We make personalized gifts that last a lifetime full of memories. It doesn’t stop here… our galleries offer unique home décor for every room in the house in the house creating beautiful tile art and tile murals. The main reason I drove into the sublimation industry more than eight years ago was a photograph I saw imaged onto a ceramic tile. The clarity and color reproduction was so vivid, and the fact that the image was infused into the tile made it seem as though I had created a work of art that would stand the test of time.

North Shore Michigan

My base medium is hard shell gourds, once dry I mix a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional mediums on them to create one of a kind piece. I do all the work myself from the field to booth; cleaning, cutting, carving, coloring, weaving, beading and wood-burning. My designs range from classic to whimsical.

Rustic MAKA

Bypassing fillers and toxic junk, everything we create is filled with good-for-the-body and nourishing ingredients. Formulated with rich, organic plant-based oils, butters and powders along with minerals and plant extracts, each product has everything you need and nothing you don’t. We start it all with sourcing the best ingredients available on the market and then transform them into effective, simple and good-for-the-body products that actually work!

Sandra Designs

Sandra Corless has been creative all her life.  Inspired by the bright colors from living in New Mexico for several years, she has re-purposed an assortment of items, hand-painting them similar to Talavera Mexican, but with her own accent on it.

Scrap Happy

Scrap Happy is very descriptive of the work of Mary Bajcz.  She makes handbags, quilts, and wall decorations from decorator fabric samples.  She also hooks rugs from wool on cotton backing.  Mary likes to make things people can use and enjoy every day.

Twisted and Wired

I love wire wrap and have wrapped just about everything, including beach stones, driftwood and a bird house!

WireDesigns Jewelry

Wire Designs Jewelry is the creation of Jan Vettraino, an interior designer from West Bloomfield, Michigan. She uses an Old World technique in a modern way to create crocheted wire jewelry adorned with new and recycled beads and embellishments from vintage jewelry. Dream, Gratitude and Prayer Jars were added to the line in the fall of 2010. The jars are re-purposed vintage silver plated containers that are embellished with vintage rhinestone jewelry.

Wood Crafts By Ronald

Retired engineer turned wood worker, creating exotic wood bowls, vases and bottle openers.

Yung Entomology

Laurel Shada has a love for bugs and jewelry, so she does work with both – occasionally including both in a single piece.  She wants her work to be like nothing anyone has ever seen before, and also for people to say “hummm…I like it!”

Erika Bergishagen

Erika Bergishagen has been painting her unique take on whatever catches her fancy for years, pretty much undiscovered until about 6 years ago.  She loves brilliant color and one can always find at least one sunset in her displayed paintings.  She also has a vivid imagination and paints what she refers to as critters.  She lives with her two labs, jointly called The blondes, and a black cat named pepperoni.

Cass Community Social Services

Cass Community Social Services collects illegally dumped tires from vacant lots in Detroit and recycles them into indestructible mud mats. To date, Cass has picked up over 30,000 tires from the streets of Detroit. Twelve formerly homeless men are employed in this program.

Dennis W. Montville

Wood art comprising turned and sculpted works using domestic and exotic woods. This includes segmented and solid turning, piercing and carving, pyrography and color. Shapes include plates, bowls and wall hangings. Mostly decorative, not functional.

Marlene Galperin

The fascination of the creativity with clay has been an important part of Marlene’s life for over 30 years. She finds it relaxing and therapeutic, especially if the final product is favorable to herself and others. Marlene’s clay pieces range from functional to artistic including turtles, pots, vases, and totems.

Lake Coast Trading Co.

The prominent Lake Coast is often dismissed. When most think of great coasts they think of those in the East, West, and Gulf. They dismiss the greatest coast there is… the Lake Coast. Showing appreciation and giving lakes, both great and small, the credit they deserve, Lake Coast Trading Company is an ode to the greatest coasts from the Great Lakes region. Made with a guaranteed Fresh Pact, we’re always fresher than those other coast’s salty asses. Hand crafted for life on the lake, we love the mitten. We just prefer our bare hands.

Neon Vagabond Goods

Wood art comprising turned and sculpted works using domestic and exotic woods. This includes segmented and solid turning, piercing and carving, pyrography and color. Shapes include plates, bowls and wall hangings. Mostly decorative, not functional.

Laura Cavanagh

My work is an exploration of shape, line and space. I am constantly observing my surroundings, breaking down everyday, recognizable objects into a series of shapes and lines. A rectangle and a column of circles that I observe on a wall phone, for example, might transform into an intricate matrix of other elements that poke at, rub up against, cross out or sit atop other elements. This interplay then transforms into one final, cohesive melody on the page. Part of the enjoyment I find in creating these line works is noticing the shapes that form within the negative space during the course of my drawing. As I develop the work, shapes emerge from the empty white space on the page, and this is very exciting to me. These shapes then become an integral part of the final composition.

Earthenwood Studio

Melanie Brooks is a ceramic artist working under the name Earthenwood Studio in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area. Melanie’s lifelong fascination with all things ceramic began in art college, where she started making pottery and sculpture. After graduating, her focus on clay turned to miniature in the form of functional porcelain beads and charms, and took on a dozen-or-so year long career specializing in ceramic jewelry components. In recent years, she has once again become interested in her original love for ceramic pottery and is now enjoying the exploration of intricately painted pottery.

Stu Davis

Stu Davis has been a serious picture taker for over 60 years.  He loved the old “Saturday Evening Post” and the old Americana pictures by Norman Rockwell.  The end result is that he thinks and photographs with that in the back of his mind.  He has been known for that type of picture.  He is known as an urban photographer as he leans away from nature photography.